Monday, March 7, 2016


The last time I featured this guy here on the blog was almost three years ago in this post! Time for 
y'all to check, if his style has changed over the years. I know he did, because I get to see him on a 
regular basis. Another reason why I know that his style's changes is: He cleared out his wardrobe 
and I'm always a lucky girl when he does. Some of the pieces are perfect to combine for me because
the days, where we were differentiating between menswear and women's wear are clearly over. 

One big thing that changed is that he is now wearing sneakers more often. He was actually the only
person I knew that also had a profound aversion to them. Last summer this aversion turned into an 
addition real quick! I was actually kinda surprised, when he didn't show up wearing them sneakers
on the day I shot this pictures. Well, I already recognized that some of my friends are wearing any 
other type of shoes when they meet me, because maybe I made it a little bit too clear, that sneakers
are on top of my shit list. And now I feel a liiiittle bad about that since I'm givin' y'all that preach of 
wearing whatever the fuck you want every time. With that said, I think we are all ready to ring down 
a curtain on THIS topic. 

Well, back to his outfit. If he doesn't wear black or white, you'll see him wearing dark blue or grey. 
Still, he manages to keep his outfits looking different every freakin' time. Let's not forget that we 
kind of try to express our personality through our styles. I've been tired of this f*ckboi looks lately. 
Where is all the smartness and charisma I am looking for? This is not about the shoes anymore. It's
more about the ability of putting everything together to make it one. But where does this charisma go
when it's nothing more than unspectacular most of the time? Where is the tension? I'm glad that
Dominic manages to keep up with trends without changing his style completely 'cause if he would 
wear one of this 'starter pack oufits' I wouldn't be able to 'inherit' his clothes when he decides to get
rid of them. 'Cause honestly? This jumper would look so goood on me. It's 3.30AM and I'm gonna 
hit the hay now. Just thought it might be time for a long due menswear post again. Enjoy the pics,
get some inspiration and give me that spectacular moments back! Thaaaanks xx 

wearing// coat & shoes ZARA pants and jumper H&M